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First person shooters on the Amiga have ranged from the atmospheric Alien Breed 3D to the furiously paced Gloom. FratzenGeballer is one of the later and more advanced engines and is a psuedo-sequel to Trapped I & II, which were both released.

It's played in a futuristic setting and includes numerous features and options in a real 3D environment. Michael talks about the game's development in the Q&A section.

Game unreleased
Disks: 1
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Oxyron
Publisher: New Generation

Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter (FPS)
Dimension: 3D (Texturemap)
Person: 1st
Scrolltype: Into Screen
Viewpoint: First Person
Programming:Michael Piepgras (TTS/Oxyron)
Graphics:Michael Piepgras (TTS/Oxyron)

Trapped III: FratzenGeballer AGA / Face Attack

Lore Score: None