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Year: 1986
Disks: 2
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Master Designer
Publisher: Mindscape, Mirrorsoft, Cinemaware (Master Designer), Master Designer, Ubi Soft

Genre: Strategy - Map-based Historical
Dimension: 2D
Person: 4th
Scrolltype: Into Screen, Scrolling - Horizontal
Viewpoint: First Person, Sideways, Top Down
Theme: Historical - Medieval, Mythological - Robin Hood
Origin: Film, Personality - Legendary
Programming:Kellyn Beeck (Beck), Robert J. Mical
Graphics:James D. Sachs (Jim Sachs), Steve Quinn, Richard La Barre, Sol Masid, John Cutter, Rob Landeros, Doug Smith, Bob Swiger
Sound:Jim Cuomo, Bill Williams
Misc:Kellyn Beeck (Beck), Bob Jacob

Defender Of The Crown

Lore Score: None