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Graphics artist Jussi Löf has kindly sent us a beta version of Hyboria: Conan the Conqueror. However, this version has a problem with collision detection and so it doesn't seem to be possible to exit the first room.

To run the demo either uncompress the LHA archive to an Amiga hard disk or mount the HDF in WinUAE and run the 'hybo.exe' file.

It's likely that another version exists with further rooms. We'll try to find it!

Jussi has said that the final release would have been a CD32 or 1200 CD AGA game only.

Game unreleased
Disks: 0
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Monoceros

Genre: Action Adventure - Uncategorised
Dimension: 3D
Viewpoint: Angle, Top Down
Theme: Adventure - Exploration, Fantasy - Swords & Sorcery
Origin: Book / Literature
Programming:Karo Kosonen
Graphics:Risto Mäki-Petäys, Jussi Löf, Tomi Tiainen
Sound:Anthony Putson, Michael Davis
Misc:Tomi Tiainen

Hyboria: Conan the Conqueror AGA AmigaCD CD32

Lore Score: None