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aGTW presents the results of intrepid reporter J├╝rgen Beck's investigations into three games by coder Johannes Lipp - Denjoy, Slez and Pot.

Gamers will probably be familiar with Johannes' puzzler The Power or the lesser known AIM XI. Although The Power was a commercial, boxed game Denjoy and Slez would most likely have been seen on German disk magazines (where a game is accompanied by a mini magazine) if released. Pot was seen by some publishers but there was little interest in it.

Both Denjoy and Slez are complete games but Pot wasn't finished when development ceased.

Thanks go to Johannes for allowing aGTW to have these games as a download.

Game unreleased
Year: 1991
Disks: 1
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Unknown
Languages: English
Developer: Unknown

Genre: Shooter - Uncategorised
Dimension: 2D
Scrolltype: Scrolling - Multi-directional
Viewpoint: Sideways
Programming:Johannes Lipp
Sound:Holger Kral


Lore Score: None