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It is Christmas Eve 2013 and Putty Squad has finally been released nineteen years after it was originally reviewed in Amiga magazines with high scores across the board! It is perhaps the most famous unreleased game on the Amiga. Originally due for a release in late 1994 Putty Squad appeared as a demo on magazine coverdisks but subsequently failed to make it to the shops.

The Amiga version of Putty Squad hit the news headlines again in October 2013 when System 3 founder, Mark Cale, made an announcement in a Retrogamer magazine interview. The collector's edition of Putty Squad on the PS4 would include the Amiga version on floppy disk. Practical concerns regarding the mastering of floppy disks aside, there was some scepticism in the Amiga community after so many years of waiting. However, Galahad of the English Amiga Board contacted System 3 with an offer of assistance. As an ex-Amiga game developer and technical Amiga egghead, Galahad proved to have the wherewithal to make the Amiga release happen.

See the System 3 website for the PS4 version of Putty Squad

Amiga Putty Squad can be downloaded from the System 3 website

Codetapper's website includes an interview with Galahad and goes into technical detail of how the game was remastered for the Amiga. In short, Galahad used the existing binary files as the basis for the remastered version but referenced the source code where necessary.

Putty Squad is a follow-up to Putty (also known as Super Putty on the CD32 and Silly Putty). Misunderstandings over the versions of Putty have caused many an Internet poster to claim that they have Putty Squad in their possession. Further questioning usually reveals the game to be the original Putty.

In 1998 a publisher called Alive Mediasoft announced the forthcoming release of Putty Squad. However, this company was later discovered to be less than reliable. To add to the confusion, Putty Squad was released on the SNES at the same time that the Amiga version was due to appear. In addition, it seems to have been ported to the Playstation 2 as a budget title (Amazon quoted a release date of early 2006). Re-releases such as this and the trend in the last few years of porting 16-bit games to mobile devices have created issues for the belated and gratis release of games like Putty Squad. Many companies do not wish to have a free version of a game circulating if they are trying to sell it in the shops; things are difficult enough for developers as it is. On the other hand the free release of a game can create a good buzz and goodwill. Perhaps the release of Putty Squad will encourage other developers and publishers to follow suit!

The cult status of Putty Squad is due to several reasons, including the quality of the game. It's a slick platformer that would probably have sold well in the Amiga's heyday. The 6 level playable demo has always been available to showcase the gameplay. The full version contains 35 main levels with secret doors that access 19 further sub-levels.

The list of levels is as follows. The level maps can be viewed on the Hall of Light entry.

01DIOBMIGTomb of King Phut
02YTREWQHalls of Silence
02aLost Lavatories of Phut
03USTIJNINBazaar Al Kebab
04ELBARMThe Wailing Tower
05MEHYAMPalace of Baghdad
06SSENDAMKebabs 'R' Us
07LLEBDowntown Klud
08TONKFEERFortress of Klud
8aMr Spleen's Ex-house
09CIBARAUpper Klud
10DRATSUCLower Klud
11OMZIGJungles of Squirt
12FLOWEREWWatchtower of Squirt
13PUREWOPDr Sushi's Lab of Terror
14EVALSDr Sushi's Scarier Lab
14aDr Sushi's Medicine Cupboard
15REDNIRGDr Sushi's Dinner of Fear
16CINATITDr Sushi's Snack of Death
17DAEHOMUSThe House of Fun
18aThe Sputum Pool
19SMARBGhost Train
20LEGNAMajor Smith's Escape Tunnel
20aMajor Smith's Decoy Tunnel
20bMajor Smith's Sticky End
21RETNUHGateway to the North
21aThe Guard Rooms
21bUpper Reaches
22DORTOHNight Flight
23EGAGNEThe Tower of London
23aTraitor's Gate
23bThe Drop
24YTSEBJumble Street
24aThe Library
24bNapalm's Den
25LLIBSAGNapalm's Pad
25aFlimbo's Rest
26NACILEPOld Moon Street
26aNapalm's Pantry
26bThe Scret [sic] Cupboard
27DEKCERWNapalm's Kitchen
28EZIGRENECloud Castle
28aPup Headquarters
28bThe Kennels
29REFFUPWizard's Frozen Garden
30DENAKCastle of Scatterflash
31ECALAPThe Fortifications
32IRARREFThe Way to the Depths
32aThe Shrubbery
33REHSINUPThe Depths of Despair
34YEDIPSThe Sunken Brewery
35ESREVINUChambers of Scatterflash
35aThe 27th Dimension
Year: 2013
Disks: 2
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Unknown
Languages: English
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: System 3

Genre: Platform - Basher
Dimension: 2D
Person: 3rd
Scrolltype: Scrolling - Multi-directional
Viewpoint: Sideways
Programming:John Twiddy
Graphics:Phil Thornton, Nick Lee
Sound:Richard Joseph, Jason Page
Misc:Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad/FLT^SCX)

Putty Squad AGA

Lore Score: 89%