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This entry is part of a series covering Mutation's unreleased games:

It's surprising to find that Beach-Head I, II and Raid Over Moscow were in progress for the Amiga as they are closely associated with machines such as the Spectrum and C64. 8-bit conversions to the Amiga were of course common but there are probably a number of well-known games from other machines that weren't completed.

It seems that most of the work on the three games was in the area of graphics and they do look neat. As Adrian Cummings mentions in the Q&A there was still much to do on the coding and the deal with the publisher fell through.

Game unreleased
Disks: 0
Players: 0 max, 0 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: U.S. Gold

Genre: Shooter - Uncategorised
Dimension: 2D
Scrolltype: Single Screen
Programming:Rob Brooks
Graphics:Adrian Robert Cummings

Raid Over Moscow

Lore Score: None