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The Zelda games have oft been seen as a gold standard in RPGs on consoles and consequently there have been various homegrown versions to bring the Eastern style to the Amiga. Deep Silence: The Secret of my Soul is one such RPG but one that was also influenced by the likes of Amberstar and Ambermoon.

Deep Silence wasn't finished but several early screenshots and demos exist. The preview screenshots show a more traditional looking RPG with nicely detailed pixel artwork. Aristides Castiglioni has kindly sent his graphics which show the large number of frames that were required for each character. See the Extras page for these graphics.

The demo versions have a slightly different graphical style and some neat looking effects with transparent clouds floating overhead. Although probably destined for higher spec machines this would have allowed for an atmospheric evocation of the Deep Silence world.

Although Deep Silence was abandoned, the project leader Sylvio Kurze went on to start another game which borrowed the subtitle "Secret Of My Soul". This was a full 3D game and will be covered in a future update.

If you'd like to visit the Deep Silence webpage, it's still viewable (in German) at http://soms.fanhp.de/

Game unreleased
Disks: 0
Players: 0 max, 0 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown

Genre: RPG - Wanderer
Dimension: 2D
Scrolltype: Scrolling - Multi Directional
Programming:Andrew Crowe (MantaSoft), Markus Bordihn
Graphics:Sylvio Kurze (MangaClub), Aristides Castiglioni, Sven Zander, Andreas Marx, Markus Bordihn
Sound:Markus Bordihn, Fabian André Pape
Misc:Sylvio Kurze (MangaClub), Ricco Roßberg (Rossberg; Ricco Clemens)

Deep Silence: the Secret of My Soul

Lore Score: None