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Steve Turner

In 1986 Mindscape published a fairly straight port of Uridium for the Atari ST. There was no released Amiga version but do you know if it was planned?

I thought they were going to publish an Amiga version, some people have seen one but I don't know if Mindscape did it. We were pretty disappointed with the results. Hewson also commissioned an Atari Dragonwrath but again its was a straight port and probably was never published.

They did an Atari Ranarama. The programmer just converted the code and did not even retune the animation timing. I think John Cumming added a few 16 bit graphics but again I was unimpressed. If only we had been encouraged to develop those versions.

Hewson convinced us our time was better spent inventing new games; he would ensure they were converted to all the platforms.