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The mid 1990s was the era of the Amiga Doom clone, a gold rush time when developers strove to reproduce the delights of Doom, or more commonly Wolfenstein 3D, on Commodore's machine. Commercial publishers released a series of games, including Alien Breed 3D, Gloom and Fears. Demo scene coders showed off their textured mapped mazes. In the PD scene programmers created engines which often were intended to become full games. aGTW delves into this last category with a series about engines for games that weren't.

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Dent A Wolf is an early version of a Wolfenstein 3D engine. It's basic, with a small view window and no floor or ceiling but allows us a glimpse of a development process that was to produce a more advanced engine.

The updated DentECTS is a demo for the now discontinued European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) which was to showcase a future game called Dentaku-26. This engine is a little more game-like than Dent A Wolf, with a floor, ceiling, working doors and the odd enemy sprite. The screen is still small and is surrounded by a non-functioning interface added for effect. It features animated wall textures and the odd monitor showcasing films or channels such as "Zombie Flesh Eaters 2" and "Sex World"!

Disks: 1
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: PD/Freeware
Languages: English
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown

Genre: Shooter - First Person Shooter (FPS)
Dimension: 3D (Texturemap)
Person: 1st
Scrolltype: Into Screen
Viewpoint: First Person
Programming:Alex Amsel (Sillytuna)
Graphics:Richard Whittall
Sound:Allister Brimble (The Demon)
Misc:Mark Fitt

Dent A Wolf AGA / Dentaku-26

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