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In this game based on Greek mythology the Umbilikos has been split into twelves pieces by Ares. According to a preview in the September 1991 issue of Zero magazine, Pallas Athena's owl Bubo (the one in the 1981 Clash of the Titans film) is tasked with finding a hero to recover the pieces. The hero, Herakles (Hercules), the son of Zeus can visit ten city locations across the ancient world in his quest; Pylos, Argos, Mycenae, Tiryns, Corinth, Delphi, Thebes, Athens, Chalcis, Pella and the Isle of the Dead.

The game was originally to have been released by an unnamed publisher before it found its way to Electronic Zoo. The programmer was Mick Tinker, who was involved with the Amiga BoXeR project which was an attempt to produce a more advanced classic Amiga. Brian van de Peer created the graphics and his son Tobias worked on the music and sound effects.

The April 1992 issue of Amiga Action featured a demo of Son of Zeus so it's possible to get a good idea of the gameplay. In the demo, Herakles walks around an outdoor area which is viewed from a first person perspective. However, closing in on our hero are various mythical monsters, including giant spiders, harpies and gorgons. Once a monster is encountered the game switches to a side-on view and a beat-'em-up style of gameplay ensues.

The most striking aspect of Son of Zeus is Brian's brilliant graphics. The giant spider in the demo, for example, is a large and hideous creature. Brian has kindly supplied Amiga Games That Weren't with some more graphics from the game.

Some of the highlights are:


Giant bird

Pallas and Bubo

Characters related to the Golden Fleece, including Medea

Talos (the big guy seen in Jason and the Argonauts)


A temple


Herakles and Bubo animation frames

Sadly, the game was not to be completed but these graphics give us an extra glimpse into other parts of the game beyond the demo.

Game unreleased
Year: 1990
Disks: 2
Players: 1 max, 1 sim
Licence: Commercial
Languages: English
Developer: Aeon
Publisher: Electronic Zoo

Genre: Action Adventure - Uncategorised
Dimension: 2D
Person: 4th
Programming:Mick Tinker
Graphics:Brian van de Peer
Sound:Tobias van de Peer

Son Of Zeus

Lore Score: None